Wine School

Wine School returns Tuesday, September 28, 2021!

In a hybrid offering of both virtual and in-person classes, we’re kick starting the fall semester with a block of four of our most-requested and popular classes!

Choose to join us virtually from the comfort of your own computer (we will send out the wine list and private zoom link a few days ahead of time) or join us in person at our Wine School headquarters at Vantage Venues, 150 King St West, downtown Toronto.

Please double check you are signing up for the version you prefer (online or in person) as we are unable offer refunds or exchanges.

Tastings begin Tuesday September 28 at 6:30pm. These workshops are always a fabulous way to spend an evening for a few hours of fun, education and good taste.

Scroll down to see our first few class offerings – and don’t forget, Wine School makes a great gift!

Have questions? Click here to be taken to our FAQ page!

Wine School Courses

Can't Decide Which Classes Interest You Most?

Online: $90 - Get all 4 classes for the price of 3!

In-Person: $225 - Get your first class FREE. when purchasing all 4 classes!

Sept 28 – Learn to Taste

  • Class runs 6:30pm EST
  • Online (wine list emailed in advance): $30 + tax
  • In-Person (wine and food provided in class): $60 + tax

One of our most popular and in-demand workshops, Learn to Taste gives you the foundations you need to taste wine like a pro.

This 90-minute (ish) tasting is an integral starting point to newcomers and an invaluable brush up for veterans. We explore wine structure, giving meaning to common terms like body, acidity, weight, oak, tannin and more. We also discuss the basics of wine making and how climate and environment play an integral role in understanding what’s in the glass.

October 5 – Wine and Food Pairing

  • Class starts at 6:30pm EST
  • Online (wine list emailed in advance): $30 + tax
  • In-Person (wine and food provided in class): $60 + tax

Want to join us for this class? Don’t wait to get your tickets, as this crowd-favourite tasting is always a sell-out.

Purposely scheduled right before Thanksgiving, we’re tailoring this session to your holiday table, giving you the in’s and out’s, do’s and don’ts of pairing wine and food properly.

This 90-minute (or so) workshop focuses on making the most of your pairings, whether you are complimenting flavours or contrasting textures. We taste through samples of food flavours and style of wine to understand the rules – then we break them with some ingenious wine hacks any wine-loving foodie needs to know.

October 19 – Wine Styles Defined

  • Class starts at 6:30 pm EST
  • Online (wine list emailed in advance): $30 + tax
  • In-Person (wine and food provided in class): $75 + tax

Always a sold-out event, Wine Styles Defined pairs specific wines to sometimes confounding and nebulous wine terminology. What does a high acid wine actually taste (and feel) like? How can we know for sure if a wine is sweet or dry?

In this 90-minute tasting, we build upon our Learn to Taste workshop, comparing and contrasting wines in popular style categories to really understand the taste with the terminology. This popular class promises to enlighten and entertain wine lovers of all knowledge levels. Be prepared to be surprised and delighted as you discover the wine styles most appealing to your palate.

October 26 – Wines of France

  • Class starts at 6:30 pm EST
  • Online (wine list emailed in advance): $30 + tax
  • In-Person (wine and food provided in class): $75 + tax

You asked for it, so you got it.

Last year so many Wine School regulars asked for regional wine tastings, specifically a tasting tour of France, so how could we say no?

France is arguably the grand-daddy of all wines, setting the tone for wine making the world over, and, leading the charge for premium wine production.

In this approachable and informative workshop that’s suitable to all knowledge levels, we travel the country, tasting leading examples from the major regions. We will discuss France’s wine making history, the regional differences, grape growing, wine making techniques, popular food pairings, and how to read a wine label.

If you’re a lover of French wine, or any wine for that matter, this is a must-attend tasting.

But don’t take it from us! Here’s what survey results show from our past students:

85% would recommend our wine workshops to a friend

92% learned more about wine

96% were (very) happy with the workshop

You asked:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Wine School held for in-person classes?

Our Wine School classes are hosted in person at Vantage Venues, 150 King St W. 27th floor. This is at the corner of King and University downtown Toronto and is easily accessible by TTC, and only a few blocks from Union Station. Lots of Green P’s surround the building, but as always, please don’t drink and drive.

I’d like to attend virtually. How do I attend online?

Anyone purchasing a virtual class automatically gets added to our virtual class list.

A few days before your tasting is scheduled we will email you your own private, password protected zoom-link as well as the wine list of wines being tasted that evening, and a few other helpful instructions to maximize your success.

Why are the prices different between online and virtual classes?

When you attend in person, we provide you with the wines for the tasting as well as a welcome wine and cheese pairing at the start of class. For virtual classes, you are responsible for purchasing your own wine for the tasting and we send out the list a few days in advance.

Why are there different prices for each in-person class?

Pricing reflects the wines and how many are being served. Typically $60 will be 4 wines, and $75 will be about 6-8 samples depending on the class.

How much wine do I get for the tasting?

2 oz per person, per wine.

Can I get refills?

We like how you think, but sadly, no. In order for us to keep these tastings as affordable as possible, we have to limit how much wine we can serve. However, this year we are introducing a Market Place, where wines tasted in class will be available for purchase, along with vacuum-sealed cheese and charcuterie.

Is food served in class?

There is a cheese board set out at the beginning of class to be enjoyed with a welcome glass of wine. Unless otherwise stipulated in the class outline, we will not be serving food with the wine tasting.

Should I eat before coming to class?

Well, we’re always hungry, so that would be a big thumbs up from us. Class runs from 6:30pm to about 8pm, so you may want to have a bite before coming to keep your tummy from growling.

For online classes, how much should we expect to spend on wine?

That depends on the class, of course, but we do try to keep these wines and classes as accessible as possible. Generally you can expect a median price of $20 per bottle. Some classes we might have a stellar example that’s as low as $10 or $15, and other classes, such as our sparkling wine class, will include Champagne that could be $80 or $100 a bottle. It’s just the nature of the class.

For online participation, do we have to buy every bottle?

That’s the idea! We hope you will maximize your success in the class by tasting along with us, but of course, that’s entirely up to you. Generally speaking, open wines will last in the fridge for about 3-7 days, depending on style.

For online participation, is the ticket price per person?

We are small business owners and want to do what’s right as it’s been a challenging time for everyone. A price per computer seems fair. Hopefully that means if you want to get the gang together every week (which sounds like a great idea to us!) and in order for everyone to get a good view, you play the class off your big screen, well maybe you feel it’s fair to buy two or three tickets. We’re all in this together, right?

For online participation, will you send out replays if we miss it?

No, we are unable to offer replays of the class. Please double check your schedule to make sure you can attend!

Are there refunds or exchanges?

Just like theatre or concert tickets, all event sales are final. If you are unable to make a class, feel free to give your seat away to a friend. And please make sure when purchasing, you are buying the class you want in the format you prefer (online or in-person.)

For support issues or any questions, please email us at